InfoScope 3.6

InfoScope is an interactive visualization tool to access and explore datasheets
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Infoscope is a program that allows accessing and exploring large and complex datasets. Once you've installed this application, you can open one of the already existing datasets (e.g. prices and earnings around the globe 2009, Swiss cities ranking 2003, index of economic freedom 2007 and so on) or import one of your own, and view them.

The main screen is divided into three parts: the upper left part shows the geographic locations on a map, from which you can select a city, country, region, or a continent; the upper right one contains, according to the dataset opened, one or more lists (Cities, Countries, Continents), any of which you can also select, and thematic similarities; in the lower section, a graph view is located, where you can see different indices, depending on the dataset opened (e.g. gross purchasing power, paid vacation days, life expectancy at birth, GDP per capital, and so on). The indices can be viewed as a table or on a graph.

The program's menu allows data export as a TXT file, activation of anti-aliasing and highlighting.

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